Mainan pertama saya

Bukanlah mainan untuk aku tapi ni untuk Kimi Jr. Wahh dah ada panggilan sekarang. Tak tahu lagi nak letak nama apa so kita panggil as Kimi Jr lah. Mainan ni first aku tengok dah berkenan. Anak belum keluar dah siap-siap beli mainan kan. Padahal banyak jek lagi benda lain yang penting belum beli. Tapi eh ni penting jugak. Bagi aku lah. Selain dari dia menjadi mainan untuk babies, dia boleh jugak merangsang perkembangan otak si kecil dengan bunyi-bunyian yang dihasilkan dan jugak melalui warna-warna yang ceria yang ada pada badan mainan tu. Pada aku bagus jek sebabnya kiut sangat. Haha. Dedulu kecik-kecik tak ada merasa benda gini, jadinya dapat merasa kat anak pun jadilah.

Lamaze - Musical Inchworm

·         Promotes mom and baby interaction and tummy time fun
·         Stimulates babys vision and auditory skills
·         Can measure your baby up to 24 inches

A soft friend for baby to grow with! High-quality velour fabric. Underside measures baby up to 24". Fun rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles with interesting textures to touch and chew. Plays "If Youre Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands". Recommended for babies from birth on up, the Lamaze Musical Inchworm is a plush toy thats perfect for playing and napping. Developed in conjunction with child development experts from Yale University, the Inchworm promotes mom and baby interaction, encourages tummy time fun, and supports healthy physical and sensory development.

Stimulates Babys Vision and Auditory Skills
When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why the Musical Inchworm strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate babys vision, and bold solid colors that give babys eyes a place to rest. Sounds like rattle, squeak, crinkle, and jingle also help stimulate and develop babys auditory skills. Finally, the Musical Inchworms large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which can help calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.

Child-Safe Design
With its soft velour body and interesting textures to touch and chew, the Musical Inchworm is an ideal play and rest-time companion, whether baby is at home in his crib or traveling in the car. Safe and easy for little hands to hold and investigate, this toy also features an underside that measures your baby up to 24 inches. It even plays the song "If Youre Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" when hugged. Perhaps the most rewarding feature of the Musical Inchworms design, however, is the bonding opportunities it offers. In fact, this toy is perfect for an interactive game of peek-a-boo--simply hide the inchworms head underneath a blanket and then show the baby the inchworm as you say "peek-a-boo!"

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